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Youth Advocacy

Youth Programs offers different options for youth with disabilities ages 14-30 to learn more about advocacy and supporting causes that are important to them and their community. CIL’s Self-Advocacy Workshop series is offered in the classroom in partnership with local school districts, or at Ed Roberts Campus. Staff at CIL are available to mentor youth individually to develop independent living skills, and to support youth to advocate for disabled rights in the community.

Community Advocacy

As part of Youth Programs, youth have the opportunity to work alongside CIL staff to learn leadership, public speaking, and community organizing skills, and create change in their communities around issues that are important to disabled youth. With CIL’s Youth Program, youth have practiced writing testimony, and have spoken at City Council meetings and met with elected officials. Youth have supported in designing and leading advocacy campaigns, community art projects, and more. Are you interested in making an impact in your community, and developing new community advocacy skills? Reach out to our CIL Youth Programs Staff!

1-on-1 Support

Youth can work 1-on-1 with Youth Programs staff to receive support and learn new skills in areas that are important to them. Youth can create an Independent Living Plan, set goals, and lay out steps to reach those goals in areas of housing, working or volunteering, social opportunities, further education, independent living, and much more. Contact CIL Youth Programs staff to set up your 1-on-1 appointment today!


Oakland fund for children and youth logo.

The Oakland Fund for Children and Youth (OFCY) is a program of the City of Oakland, and is housed in the Children and Youth Services Division of the Human Services Department. As the largest grant-funding program within the City of Oakland, OFCY's funding for community-based programs and services provides critical support to Oakland's most vulnerable children, youth and families.

Self-Advocacy Workshops

Part I. Self-Advocacy and Disability Awareness

Students learn the meaning of self-advocacy through examples. Students practice self-advocating by role playing specific situations.

Students explore what makes them unique in order to better self-advocate. 

Do you want to take control of your own life and influence the community around you? CIL can assist you in Self-Advocacy or Individual Advocacy needs.

Part II. Self-Advocacy Past & Present

Students will identify instances of discrimination and practice responding to discrimination in role play situations.
Students are introduced to the disability rights movement and their rights.
Students will be introduced to the concept of disability pride and consider ways they can contribute to the disability community.

Part III. Self-Advocacy at School/Workplace

Students learn about their rights during the employment process and practice requesting reasonable accommodations. Students research resources and possible careers.
Students explore expected behaviors in a work environment and learn about resume building and job interviewing.
Students learn “four steps of communication” and practice communicating and listening.
Students learn to recognize problems and practice strategies for solving them.

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