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Coastal Connections

CIL’s Coastal Connections Youth Program (CCYP) teaches and encourages youth with disabilities to utilize public transportation to connect with nature, especially coastal environments.

Through CCYP, youth learn how to use public transit in the Bay Area to reach coastal environments. Youth will learn the value of environmental stewardship by participating in a beach cleanup. Youth will also learn about self-advocacy and leadership skills, and explore the connection between environmental and disability justice movements.

The Coastal Connections Youth Program is a six week quarterly cohort program, where students will meet once a week to develop different independent living skill sets.

Modules Include:

Week 1: Introduction & Travel Safety Workshop

Week 2: Field Trip & Nature Walk

Week 3: Trip Planning Workshop

Week 4: Field Trip & Beach Cleanup

Week 5: Self-Advocacy Workshop

Week 6: Reflection Presentation & Ceremony!

We have partnered with East Bay Regional Park Districts to bring disabled students to coastal regions and participate in an educational roll and walk, as well as a beach clean up.

If you are interested in this program, please fill out our sign-up form below. We will prioritize students of color and those from low-income families for participation.

Key Partners:

Two people on the beach, one in a beach wheelchair, holding a picker cleaning up garbage and the other waving in the behind them.
Two people on the beach, one in a beach wheelchair, holding a picker cleaning up garbage and the other waving in the behind them.

Request a Training

Thank you for your interest in our Coastal Connections Youth Program. Our program cohorts occur quarterly (every 3 months). Taking into consideration COVID-19 precautions and quality of our training, each cohort will consist of no more than 15 students. Please fill out the form below and we will reach out for next steps!

If you have any issues using this form please call us at 510-841-4776 or email us at

Someone from our team will reach out shortly!

Two women in wheelchairs sitting next to each other.

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We're Looking Forward to Meeting You!

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