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Youth Programs

CIL’s Youth Program is a partnership between our Youth and Community Connections team to help young adults with disabilities be successful with their transition into postsecondary life.

CIL Youth Programs

Supporting youth and adults with disabilities in providing the tools to find employment. Additionally, our program partners with local colleges and universities in hosting workshops, panels, and seminars around topics of employment, accommodations, disability disclosure, and more.

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Youth Programs offers different options for youth with disabilities ages 14-30 to learn more about advocacy and supporting causes that are important to them and their community. CIL’s Self-Advocacy Workshop series is offered in the classroom in partnership with local school districts, or at Ed Roberts Campus. Staff at CIL are available to mentor youth individually to develop independent living skills, and to support youth to advocate for disabled rights in the community.

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CIL’s Social Club is a space where disabled youth between the ages of 14 and 30 can meet to engage in fun activities, connect with their peers and practice communication skills. Social Club meets twice a month, once in person and once online, and rotates through different activities including dance, art, crafts, and games.

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Our Community Connections team will help you gain the skills to confidently and independently navigate the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Our Coastal Connections Youth Program (CCYP) is a six-week program that teaches youth with disabilities how to take public transit to Bay Area coastal environments. Youth learn self-advocacy and leadership skills, and have the opportunity to practice environmental stewardship by attending a beach cleanup.
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