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Travel Program | Overview

Our Community Connections (CoCo) team will help you gain the travel skills to confidently and independently navigate the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer 1 on 1 travel training, group trainings, and mobility workshops to strengthen your travel knowledge and confidence. We serve folks with all types of disabilities and diverse travel training needs.

Key Partners

A person in a wheelchair at a train station.
A person in a wheelchair at a train station.

Trainings and Resources

Our 1 on 1 travel training provides clients with the personal attention and access-centered knowledge of our travel trainers. Our goal is to help clients feel confident in independently navigating the San Francisco Bay Area using public transportation. 

With CIL’s 1 on 1 Training, you’ll learn to:

  • Access AC Transit and BART
  • Master specific routes of your choice
  • Apply for discounted transit cards
  • Plan trips using trip planner applications
  • Safely use a mobility device
  • Travel through all kinds of weather
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Group Travel
Trainings & Workshops

Our group travel training modules are created to train groups about different travel topics ranging from specific transit systems to general travel safety topics. We present our group travel modules remotely to prioritize the health and safety of our staff during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to provide information via these trainings to help clients feel confident in independently navigating the San Francisco Bay Area using public transportation. Travel module content can be crafted to the specific travel goals of each group. Below are some of our training module offerings. 

Module offerings: 

  • AC Transit 
  • Amtrak 
  • BART 
  • Trip Planning 
  • Travel Safety 
  • Bus Basics 
  • Trip Planning 
  • Pedestrian Safety 
  • Modules can be customized to group needs / audience. 
Wheelchair Marking & Tether Strapping Workshop (WMSTP) :

This workshop is a monthly collaboration with AC Transit for people who would like to get their mobility aid marked and strapped for safer securement on public transportation.

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This collection of resources and independently paced travel training resources are available for all, for a self paced approach to travel training.

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Our Coastal Connections Youth Program (CCYP) is a six week program to teach youth with disabilities:

  • How to use public transit to Bay Area coastal environments
  • Environmental stewardship by attending a beach cleanup
  • Self-advocacy and leadership skills


During this program we travel with the cohort to a coastal region to train students how to access their local coastline via public transportation. 

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