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As a Disability Disaster Access and Resources Center and as part of our Listos California partnership, CIL provides community education and training on various topics related to disaster readiness, response, and recovery. Check out our training menu below, and check back often! We are always working to develop new modules and presentations on emergency management and people with disabilities, including emergency preparedness for caregivers, active shooter response, disaster readiness for our unhoused neighbors, and more. Are there other topics or training areas you would like to see developed? Let us know!

Emergency Preparedness 101 for Cross-Disability Communities and Older Adults Training:

How do I get out of my apartment during a power outage if the elevators are down?

I want to build an emergency plan for myself and my family, but where do I even begin?

What will happen to my service animal during an emergency?

Will Paratransit be operating during a disaster?

The Center for Independent Living’s “Emergency Preparedness 101 for Cross-Disability Communities and Older Adults” training aims to answer these questions and more! “Emergency Preparedness 101 for Cross-Disability Communities and Older Adults” brings emergency preparedness, response, and recovery education to our disabled and senior communities whose needs and experiences are often left out of traditional emergency and disaster management. Our 101 training covers a variety of topics, including safety tips before and during different types of disasters; creating a safe and accessible household emergency plan and evacuation plan; building disability-specific go-bags, stay-bags, and emergency kits; learning about alert systems and other critical community resources, and much more! Our training centers accessibility, and addresses important considerations around assistive technology, mobility aids, and alternative communication devices. Our training addresses the unique and important needs of people with a variety of disabilities before, during, and after emergencies, and is led by the expertise of people with disabilities themselves.

If you are interested in bringing our Emergency Preparedness 101 presentation to your organization or your community group, fill out the form below and a CIL staff member will reach out to you in 2-3 business days.

Sign up for an Individual Emergency Planning session with CIL Staff here.

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