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Living Well Senior Program

In CIL’s Living Well Program, our peer counselor leads coaching sessions to give seniors the tools and support to break through new limitations, improve their quality of life, and maintain independence.

10-Week Workshops for Seniors

Our health promotion and wellness workshop use goal-setting and problem-solving as a framework for developing a healthy lifestyle.

In a social atmosphere, our peer counselor leads coaching sessions for older adults (aged 55+) to learn the life skills you need to set and achieve quality-of-life goals.

Some of our workshop goals include:

  • Select and set goals to live well
  • Problem-solving
  • Learn to respond to frustration with healthy reactions
  • Manage negative thoughts and attitudes
  • Skills for effective communication
  • Seek information: knowledge is power
  • Physical activity: use it (your body) or lose it (your ability)
  • Eat well to live well: you are what you usually eat
  • Self and group advocacy
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle


COVID-19 Peer Support Groups for Older Adults

Are you an older adult (aged 55+) who wants to make connections and find support during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Sign up today for FREE remote peer-facilitated health workshops and COVID-19 support groups for older adults (aged 55+) that you can access from your own home to learn the life skills you need to set and achieve quality-of-life goals.

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