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Housing Assistance

CIL’s Housing Advocates are here to provide information on where to find housing opportunities, housing rights, and more. We provide information & referrals (I&R) but that’s not all we do. We keep up a relationship with the consumer to ‘coach’ them to be able to do this for themselves. Your independence is what counts!

Some things that we do at CIL include:


  • 1 on 1 consultations to find out the needs of the consumer
  • Help consumers get on waitlists in different housing programs—but be warned, because of the Bay Area housing crisis, they can sometimes be up 5 years!
  • Teach consumers how to fill out housing applications
  • Teach consumers how to request reasonable accommodation (and what their rights are). For example: 
    • How to request how to pay your rent on the 3rd of the month instead of the 1st month so you can get your SSDI check in time
    • How to stand up for your right (self advocacy) to have a service dog or emotional support animal, a grab bar, or other reasonable accommodation
  • Teach consumers how to look for housing
    • Some older generations are not as familiar with online avenues as opposed to looking in the newspaper, etc.
  • Help consumers figure out how to talk to housing authorities, including what kind of forms or letters they need to bring, the language to use, etc.
  • Teach consumers how to apply for financial assistance related to housing, utilities, etc.
  • Share resources like links to Affordable Housing Online, Eden Housing, and more

* Please note: CIL does not own any property or have control over Section 8 or any other housing authority. We’re here as a resource to offer information and support through the process.

Support Request Form

If you have any issues using this form please call us at 510-841-4776 or email us at

Someone from our team will reach out shortly!

Other Housing Resources

The Berkeley Drop-In Centre is a multi-purpose community centre run by and for past and present mental health clients and persons undergoing significant emotional distress. The Centre is a safe, informal place for people to meet and socialize, share peer and group support, take part in recreational and social activities, and get help in obtaining basic survival and other life needs. The Centre has three basic service components: Drop-In time; Service advocacy and Housing advocacy

Abode has been working in Alameda County since 1989, when we were founded.

Our efforts there include operating an emergency shelter and providing outreach, housing support, and rental assistance. We also create and manage affordable housing.

EBCLC’s Housing Program focuses on defending eviction lawsuits brought against low-income tenants, as well as enforcement of local rent and eviction control ordinances. The program emphasizes defense of long-term tenancies to preserve the value of rent-controlled units.

SAHA provides quality affordable homes and services that empower people and strengthen neighborhoods.

Eden has worked in partnership with cities and local community partners to develop or acquire more than 10,600 homes in communities throughout California, currently serving a diverse population of 22,000 low-income residents from all cultures and backgrounds. Since our humble beginnings, more than 100,000 people have come home to an Eden community.

Established in 1966, BHA provides rental assistance to a total of 1,939 low-income household units through the Section 8 and Moderate Rehabilitation Program.  It is governed by a 7-member Housing Authority Board.

Finding Affordable, Accessible Housing in the Bay Area - Webinar Recording

On Thursday, February 11 at 10 AM on Zoom, we talked to three experts in housing about the housing crisis, what to look for when conducting a housing search, new housing opportunities available, and more when it comes to people with a disability in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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