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Diversion and Transitions

Center for Independent Living (CIL) assists people with disabilities in obtaining resources and services needed in order to be able to remain living in the community instead of in institutions. We also assist people who are currently residing in institutions (such as nursing facilities, congregate care facilities, and mental health hospitals) who want to transition out of facilities and back to living independently in the community. More recently, CIL has also been focusing on diverting and transitioning from foster care, incarceration, and being/becoming unhoused.

CIL provides support in creating transition and diversion plans, and through our partnership with the CA Department of Rehabilitation, can provide funding, when funding is available, to support the implementation of those plans. We do outreach through these facilities and through community and government partners to identify people in need of support.

We then collaborate with people with disabilities, partners, family members, other loved ones, and caregivers before, during, and after diversion and transitions to advocate for, achieve, and maintain independence and community living over institutionalization.

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