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Karen Rose

Board Member

Finding work that you’re passionate about may seem like a fantasy, especially in today’s economic environment. But, you CAN advance your career and your life, even during challenging times. I’ve developed time-tested and proven approaches to the career development process that can help you do just that!

My name is Karen Rose, and please let me tell you… whether you’re looking for work, considering changing careers, or simply feel you’re not getting all you can from a career you enjoy, you DESERVE a career that you’re passionate about… a career that provides meaning, value, and joy.

And, I can help!

Unlike most career counselors and coaches, I’m uniquely qualified and experienced, not just as a career consultant, counselor and coach, but also as a licensed psychotherapist.

I became licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in January of 1984 and, in addition to providing career guidance and advice and career counseling services for well over 30 years, I’ve supervised career counselors at John F. Kennedy University’s Career Center – where I provided training for career counseling graduate students – and career counseling interns at San Francisco State University’s Career Counseling and Development Center.

What’s more, as a woman who was born without sight, I realized early on that the world isn’t “made” for any one of us.

We each have to create our own way of thinking and getting things done. And it is with pride and joy that I have helped countless clients do just that for well over three decades.

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Karen Rose

Board Member

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