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Judith Rogers

Board Member

Now retired, Judi had worked at Through the Looking Glass for over 30 years. She parents with disabilities as well as children with disabilities. Since she has began working at TLG she has designed, developed and researched the impact of adaptive baby care equipment for parents with disabilities. 

Growing up with a disability has influenced Judi.  She has been able to turn personal issues into action.  Having children inspired her to write her book on pregnancy and disability: Mother to Be: A guide to pregnancy and birth for women with disabilities. The second edition was titled The Disabled Woman’s Guide to Pregnancy and Birth. In addition, Judi wrote a chapter in different text books on pregnancy and

As an occupational therapist, Judi has continued working at TLG National Resource Center for Parents with Disabilities at Through the Looking Glass in Berkeley, California, USA Her work at the Center focuses on issues of pregnancy, birthing and parenting concerns of disabled parents. She has provided hundreds of consultations and interventions to parents and professionals, as well as running a disabled parent support group. One project was producing several DVDs for parents and professionals on techniques and equipment to help caregivers with disabilities carry out baby care tasks. This project was funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research.

She has also been involved in breast cancer for women with disabilities policies, and conceived of the idea of breast health access for women with disabilities (BHAWD). In 2002 Judi was honored by Robert Wood Foundation as a Community Health Leader.

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Judith Rogers

Board Member

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