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Independent Living Centers across the country are community-based organizations by people with disabilities, for people with disabilities. This means that more than 50% of CIL’s staff and board of directors members are persons with significant disabilities. It’s important to us that we have lived experience that resonates with the community we serve. Meet our team!

Staff Members

A woman in a red jacket standing in front of the ocean.

Adelene Miranda

Community Engagement Program Manager
A man with glasses smiling in front of a tree.

Alex Le

Accounting Coordinator
Headshot of Alexander Sing

Alexander Sing

Information and Referral Specialist
A woman wearing glasses and a gray sweater.

Ash Alunan

Youth Programs Coordinator
A woman holding a chihuahua in her arms.

Camiel Hayes

Youth Programs Coordinator
Carly Gibbs headshot

Carly Gibbs

Work Incentives and Benefits Counselor
A woman in a wheelchair holding a medal.

Christina Leffmann

Acquired Disability Support Group Lead
A woman in a wheelchair smiling.

Ciara Lovelace

Independent Living Counselor
Dr. Pineda Headshot

Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda

Executive Director
A man in a black shirt is smiling.

Eddie Ly

Grant Accounting Manager
A woman in a denim shirt is smiling in front of a brick wall.

Emma Martin

Program Director
A woman with a shaved head posing for a photo.

Fox Machado

Caregiver Support & Advocacy Coordinator
A man in a floral shirt sitting in the back seat of a car.

Henry Maeko

Emergency Preparedness Outreach and Training Coordinator
A smiling young woman in a t - shirt.

Huong Nguyen

Director of Operations
Jade Theriault headshot

Jade Theriault

RA/AT Associate
A woman with long hair smiling for the camera.

Janet Brown

Housing Advocate
An asian woman smiling in front of a building.

Janice Tone

Senior and Aging Engagement Facilitator
Woman in teal cardigan, smiling at camera

Jessica Lehman

Transitions Facilitator
A woman with curly hair wearing glasses and lipstick.

Jillian Gibbons

Independent Living Skills Counselor
A woman wearing a be your own normal t - shirt.

Jody Rivera

Office Coordinator
A man with a beard and a woman with a beard.

John Benson

Residential Access Coordinator
Joni Walsh Headshot

Joni Walsh

Medical Advocate
Headshot of Julia Newton

Julia Newton

Travel Trainer
A smiling woman in a green sweater.

Kacei Conyers

Community Living Program Manager
A woman smiling in front of a tree.

Kerry McKee

Youth Outreach Coordinator
A man wearing sunglasses and a striped sweater.

Laurence Carew

Computer Training and Technology Support Coordinator
A woman with short hair standing in front of a cactus.

Lucky Maxwell

Transportation Specialist
An older man wearing a hawaiian shirt.

Max Dolane

Housing Advocate
A woman in a wheelchair holding a hose.

Michai Freeman

Systems Change Advocate
A person wearing glasses and a plaid shirt.

Morgan Kanninen

Assistive Technology Coordinator
A black and white photo of a young woman smiling.

Nagisa Smalheiser

Media & Comms Manager
A woman wearing glasses and a denim jacket.

Patricia (Tricia) Espinosa

Fiscal Review Analyst
A woman wearing glasses and a blue shirt.

Rachel Beasley

Data Specialist
A woman smiling in front of a door.

Rhonda Davis

Volunteer Coordinator
Woman wearing blue button-up, smiling at camera.

Robin Earth

Independent Living Services Program Manager
A woman wearing a black shirt.

Sheela Gunn-Cushman

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
A woman smiling in front of a corn field.

Shelby Bertolozzi

Executive Administrative & Organizational Assistant
A woman with long black hair and a fur coat.

Theancy Galland

A man wearing sunglasses and a blazer.

Walter Chinchilla

Chief Information Officer

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