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Our Board

Our Board of Directors is our governing body. Composed of a diverse group of dedicated professionals, community leaders, and passionate advocates who reflect the wider community of people with disabilities, their caregivers and allies.

Our board members are the stewards of our mission, vision, and values. They provide fiscal oversight and play a crucial role in guiding our organization towards achieving its goals.

Board Members

Alicia Contreras

Board Member

Devva Kasnitz

Board Member
A woman in a leopard print dress smiles for the camera.

Joan Leon

Board Member
A man with a beard and a beanie smiles in front of a mountain.

Josh Halstead

Board Chair
Headshot of Judith Rogers

Judith Rogers

Board Member
A smiling man in a suit and tie.

Kanwar Singh

Board Treasurer
A woman sitting on a couch with a lamp in front of her.

Karen Rose

Board Member
A man sitting in a wheelchair and smiling.

Lateef McLeod

Board Member
A man with glasses and a beard smiles for the camera.

Peter Y. Sussman

Board Member

Stephen Greenspan

Board Member
Headshot of Sunaura Taylor at the beach.

Sunaura Taylor

Board Member

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